Is an integral part of the service requested , the preparation of the OSP will be drawn up according to the risks existing in the environment in which workers will have to operate and based on equipment that should be used .Before work starts, the drawn OSP must be presented and therefore delivered to the customer and must include the following topics:

  1. Hierarchical organization for the purposes of compliance with the regulations on the prevention of occupational accidents
  2. General description of the work
  3. List of vehicles and equipment with related rules of use
  4. Site organization
  5. Risk factors in the installation of the construction site
  6. General measures of prevention and protection
  7. Personal protective equipment
  8. Contents of plan
  9. Emergency management
  10. Obligations of the employer
  11. Obligations of workers

The Safety Plan and Coordination

In the event that the conditions provided in the field of application of Legislative Decree 494/96 and subsequent amendments, it is duty of the customer to deliver the SGP , which will be evaluated in its congruity with the OSP of the service request.

We monitor all our staff on compliance with safety standards in all working areas and keep frequently courses verification and procedures updating according to local regulations.