We have acquired a specific know-how in cataloguing and organizing electronic and hardcopy data offering advanced solutions for conservation. Internal procedures guarantee maximum reliability.

We offer our service with:

  • Document identification at the customer.
  • Taking charge and transport to our premises.
  • Setting on shelving structures.
  • Document scanning, on request.
  • Data Storage on our softwares.
  • Research and on-line consultation of documents.
  • Delivery within 24 hours of the request.

Our software:

It is aimed at offering implementation of automation systems for all documents in storage. It offers document and archival management services of homogeneous organizational areas in line with current regulations on computer protocol AIPA.
It stores files created from other sources as scanner, emails or from direct input.
Protocols, researches and reproduces stored documents. Delivers maximum security trough access control capabilities.It also centralizes information due to the central database based on a client/server architecture. Handles document distribution and cataloging ,and wherever possible, verifies all the workflow present in the historical archive and therefore printing out the chosen file.Ensures a high level of communication offering to the client 24 hours remote access and giving the assurance that all the required document information is managed in a tamely and secure way.

To ensure that the guidelines provided above are complied with, we store files in buildings designed and protected for long-keeping purposes.The operating headquarters are based in Frosinone and cover over 14000 sq m: all the sites are fully equipped with general internal security service during night and day time, monitoring and policing service, but more importantly, they  meet all certifications regarding environmental  safety.