We handle all the issues of the environmental field making use of the most technological techniques in the following sectors:

Garbage handling – we offer the collection, transport, storage and treatment of dangerous and non dangerous garbage (paper, iron, toner for printers and plasticware) following the current legal requirements and releasing the proper documentation.

Pest control – we remove pests as arachnids and insects through various techniques (mechanical, chemical and biological means) depending on the specific problems finalized to obtain the best results for the environment.

Disinfection – the service is finalized to the extermination of micro pathogenic organisms like viruses, moulds in residential buildings, hotel facilities and offices.

Cleaning services – we offer cleaning services for offices, commercial sites and residential buildings, beside parks and gardens.

Deratization – this is a basic issue in the environmental issue. We use all the products and maintenance tools for a prompt, effective and lasting extermination of rats.

Food safety – we develop handling systems for all the public and private activities that, working in the food sector, are intended to apply and verify the health procedures, following the current legal requirements. Our environmental services operate 24/24 hours a day.

Moveable garbage containers – we have a disposal moveable containers to be positioned for the selected collection of the garbage.